Tommy goes to the carnival

This is Tommy. I want to tell you about my latest adventure.

I was on holiday in Portugal with Grandma and Grandad and having a lovely time. But one day they left me in our villa while they went to play golf. Well, I got really hungry as only bears can. So I looked around for some food to eat. All I could find was a large fruit cake that Grandma had made. So I cut myself a piece, and then another piece and then it didn’t seem right not to eat the rest of it so I ate that too. I ate up all the cake.

When grandma came back she was very cross as she wanted the cake for Grandad’s tea. “You are a very naughty bear,” she said. “I’ve a good mind to put you on the boat back to England!”

That night, I couldn’t sleep because I knew I had been naughty and so I thought I had better see if I could find a boat that would take me back to England. I got up early and packed my bag and left the villa. I hadn’t gone far when I saw two girls getting into a car. “I’m looking for a ship,” I said.

They laughed and said – “We’ve got a ship. We’re going to it now but I don’t think it’s the kind of ship you want.”

“I’m really not fussy,” I said, “Any ship will do.”

So I climbed in the back of their car and pretty soon we were on our way. But we didn’t go down to the sea. We headed inland and up the hills until we came to a big town. Funny, I thought, there won’t be any ships here.

“Are you sure there’s a ship here?” I asked. The girls laughed.

“Yes, but it’s a pirate ship and we’ve captured you!”

Suddenly I felt frightened and began to wish I had stayed with grandma and grandad. The two girls took off their coats and underneath they were dressed as pirates! They each took me by the paw and led me down a narrow street. We turned the corner and lo and behold, there was a big ship! It wasn’t like a normal ship because it had wheels underneath and lots of colourful flowers. But it also had a skull and cross-bones flag so it was definitely a pirate ship.



“Does it float?” I asked, looking at the wheels underneath.

“It is a float,” said the taller girl. “You’re part of the Mardi Gras Carnival now”

She told me that every year on a special Tuesday called Shrove Tuesday all the towns in Portugal have a big parade called ‘Mardi Gras’ and they have a big procession with lots of ‘floats’ – lorries decorated with flowers.

I had a great time waving to all the people as we drove around the main square. Can you see me in this photo? Look carefully. I’m waving a flag

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