Meet Tommy and Tilly Bear!


It's never too early to start playing golf! Well maybe. Even Tiger Woods was three before he started swinging a club. But golf is a great game for young people, getting them out in the fresh air and away from the IPad and learning that the more you practice, the luckier you get!!

These 14 inch high, soft, cuddly teddy bears are very much a first introduction which could spark their interest. Who knows, they could become the next golf superstar!

This site tells you how to get your own exclusive and high quality teddy bear that will be loved by the little golfing champion in your life. You'll also be able to read and download bedtime stories about the bears' adventures. And maybe submit one of your own. When you sign up to the Mylittlechampion club, you can choose to receive more stories and updates, as well as receiving a 10% discount on purchases made at our partner site,

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