Encouraging tomorrow's golfer
Encouraging tomorrow's golfer

Why girls play from the red tee

When Tilly first started playing golf on a real course, she was surprised to find that different people started to hit the ball from different places, called tees. There were blue tees, red tees, yellow tees and even white tees. Tommy told her sometimes there were black tees but they were really far back.

“Why do they have all these different colour tees and why are some far forward and some far back?”

“Well,” said Tommy who liked to pretend he knew everything about golf. “The further back the tees are, the further you have to hit the ball to get to the fairway, the nice bit of grass from where it is easy to hit your second shot. So the men who aren’t very good at the game, or just old can go from the yellow tees and the strong players can go back to the white tees, or even the black ones. But as it is your first time you will be hitting from the blue tees as blue tees are for beginners.

So Tilly started playing from the blue tees and for several weeks she kept playing from them. Gradually she got better at hitting the ball. She was hitting it much further.

“I want to go off the yellow tees with you, Tommy.” She said.

“Don’t be silly, Tilly. Yellow tees are for men. Ladies play from the Red tees. And you’re not good enough yet.”

“I am. I am. I’m really good at hitting the golf ball now.” Said Tilly crossly. She didn’t like the way Tommy always thought he could do better. “I’m going to hit from the red tees, though I don’t know why they are red.”

So the next week when she came to the golf course she joined the ladies queueing to start and eventually when it was her turn she carried her little bag of clubs onto the tee with the red posts and selected a ball and her biggest club. She knew she could hit the ball far enough to get over the heather and onto the fairway.

She looked at the ladies still waiting. They were all watching her. One or two were shaking their heads. She gripped the big club, swung it back and then forward really fast. In fact it was so fast she nearly fell over. But the club only just glanced the ball and it rolled only a few inches. There was a snigger from the ladies watching her. Tilly was very embarrassed and wished she had never tried to go from the red tees.

Tommy came over. “Now you know why they are called the red tees.”

“Why, asked Tilly?”

“Because your face has gone bright red!” Tommy held his sides and laughed and laughed. The ladies joined in and laughed too. Tilly picked up her ball and walked down to the blue tees. It would take a lot more practice before she would try the red tees again.


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