Encouraging tomorrow's golfer
Encouraging tomorrow's golfer

Tilly hits an eagle

It was a Saturday and Tilly the golfing bear was going to play golf for the very first time. It wasn’t even real golf, just something called crazy golf.

“Does crazy golf make you crazy?” she asked Tommy Bear.

“Don’t be silly, Tilly. It’s just a name they give to this golf course because there are crazy things in the way.” Tommy had played it once before and he liked to boast to Tilly that he knew everything.

“There are 18 holes, just like a real golf course but they are very short and made with funny buildings and things to hit the ball through.”

When they arrived at the Crazy Golf Course, Tilly saw what he meant. She was given just one club, a putter and a rather dirty, cream-coloured ball. She had to hit the ball through a small hole in a wooden wall. On the other side was the little hole with the flag in it where the ball had to go.

It looked easy but it wasn’t and it took several goes before Tilly managed to get the ball through the hole and then three more until she managed to hit the ball into the hole.

She moved to the next hole where you had to hit the ball up a little hill with a windmill on top. Tommy went first and hit the ball right up the hill and through the door at the bottom of the windmill. The sails of the windmill suddenly turned round and the ball when shooting onto the green near the flag. Tommy clapped his paws with glee. “What a great shot! Did you see that Tilly? If I just tap the ball in to the hole I will have taken just two shots and you’re allowed three per hole. If I do that, it’s called a birdie.”

“Why do they call it a birdie?” asked Tilly as she placed her ball on the mat ready to try. “Is it because there’s a bird in the hole?”

“Don’t be silly, Tilly. It’s just something they say if you get the ball in hole in one shot less than part. On this course the par is three which means you should take three hits to get it in the hole.. If you get a hole in one they would call it hitting an eagle because that is two shots less than par.”

“Have you ever hit an eagle, Tommy?”
Tommy shook his head. He knew it was very, very rare that anyone hit an eagle.

“Now Tilly, listen. You need to hit the ball really much harder to get it up to the top of the hill and into the windmill.”

Tilly tried to concentrate but it was hard. It was such a beautiful morning and the birds were singing in the trees above. She could smell the newly-cut grass in the nearby field. She held her little club very tight and swung it as hard as she could. The ball flew really fast up the wooden hill but it wasn’t quite straight and missed the windmill completely. It rose up and up into the trees and disappeared into the leaves.

Tilly and Tommy waited for the ball to drop down but it didn’t.

“Oh no, I’ve lost my ball,” said Tilly. “I’ll have to climb up the tree and see if I can find it.!

“Don’t be silly, Tilly. You’re a girl and not so good as climbing trees as I am. I’d better go and try and find it.”

So Tommy started to climb up the big tree. Higher and higher he climbed looking for the ball but he couldn’t see it. Then he heard a loud flapping noise and a big bird flew into the top of the tree and into its nest. Tommy kept climbing until he reached the top of the tree. The big bird flew away, angry at being disturbed by a bear. Tommy looked in the nest there were four large eggs there. But no. There were three large eggs and Tilly’s golf ball. It must have fallen into the nest. Just then the big bird flew back and Tommy saw it had a sharp beak and large claws. “It’s an eagle,” thought Tommy “and she’s very angry. I’d better get down quickly.”

Once he got back on the ground Tilly rushed over. “Did you find my ball?”

“Yes I did, but I couldn’t get it. It’s in an eagle’s nest and the eagle is sitting on top of it now. She thinks it will hatch into a baby eagle!”

Tommy was surprised when Tilly gave him a big grin and clapped her paws in excitement. She didn’t seem worried that she’d lost her ball.

“So I’ve hit an eagle and you’ve only got a birdie! I think golf’s easy!”

“Don’t be silly, Tilly” But Tommy knew she would always be silly.

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