Encouraging tomorrow's golfer
Encouraging tomorrow's golfer

Tommy and the helpful dolphin

Tommy and Grandpa were playing golf at Worplesdon when they reached the 10th Hole (a par 3 with water to go over). Hitting from the blue tees, it was Tommy’s go. Grandpa had just hit a very good shot which was close to the hole so Tommy was feeling the pressure. With a 5-iron he hit it just in the water, nearly over.

As Tommy didn’t know you could play three off the tee and had never hit it in the water before, he dived in and started looking for his ball. Though, there were thousands of balls in there, of all colours. Tommy was playing with a yellow ball and he was amazed by how many yellow balls were in there. He thought he was the only person who played with a yellow ball. He would never find his ball.

Worried, Grandpa shouted for Tommy but it was useless, he was never going to hear him. The only thing Grandpa could do, was get in himself. As it was hot that day the water wasn’t as cold as it usually was. He found Tommy in no time and they raced back to dry land, but suddenly, in the corner of his eye, Tommy saw a dolphin with a yellow ball in his mouth. He told Grandpa and they turned back to help the dolphin as they didn’t want him to die.

Then they realised that it was Tommy’s ball in its mouth as they could see the picture of him on it. The only way they were going to get the ball out was by tickling the dolphin so they went by his side and tickled it. He sneezed the ball out and it zoomed out of the water. The only bad thing was that all of the slime got on them. They got back on to dry land and started looking for Tommy’s ball.

They couldn’t find it. It wasn’t in either of the bunkers, not in the ditch or in the right hand rough. Then Tommy looked in the hole and there he found his very clean, yellow golf ball looking up at him.

Not only did Tommy win the hole from Grandpa but it his first ever, slightly unusual hole in one!

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